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Kundali Bhagya July 14, 2021, Written Update: Preeta refuses to expose Prithvi and Sherlyn

Preeta and Shristi discuss the departure of Mahira, and how her leaving the house, solved half of the problems. Shristi urges Preeta to get back on their utmost important mission, that is- to defame Prithvi and Sherlyn. But Preeta is against this plan and asks Shristi to leave the mission and focus on the happiness that Prithvi is bringing to the Luthra’s by marrying Kritika.  

The thought of marrying Prithvi and Kritika has brought back the smile on Rakhi’s face which somehow had disappeared after the miscarriage of Sherlyn. Dadi invites Sarla and Janki to Prithvi and Kritika’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Rishabh confesses to Karan that he sympathizes with Sherlyn but has no sorrow for losing his child. But, his father consoles him and tells him that there is nothing to feel guilty about and that not mourning the loss of an unborn child does not make him less of a human. ,fora-betekenis

While Sherlyn is happy for Prithvi and Kritika’s marriage because it will result in Prithvi’s permanent entry to the Luthra house, she also fears that Prithvi will fall in love with Kritika. She is also frightened that if Prithvi falls in love with Kritika, then, things will get out of hand. So, she takes a vow to wipe Kritika out of the scene. 

Rakhi feels guilty for not taking proper care of Sherlyn and her unborn child and blames herself for the mishap. She believes that allowing Mahira to stay was the prime reason for all the wrongs happening in the house. Preeta tries to comfort her while saying that their tough time shall pass soon and that she needs to look at the silver lining, which is the marriage of Prithvi and Kritika. Rakhi agrees and hopes for the marriage to take place without any drama. 

evolution-of-basketball-games,Will the marriage be a swift affair or a complicated one? Stay tuned to know what happens. 

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Anonymous : Senseless storyline
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Anonymous : A show where evil triumphs over good does not speak well of the script writer or Indian culture for that matter. Stop dishing up this rubbish as a pretense of entertainment as we have seen far too many repetitions and parallel themes in both Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya. Ekta Kapoor, if you are running out of great ideas, contact me, I can write better scripts than what you deliver.
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Anonymous : I agree. They need to make climax with exposing bad and winning of good
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